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Orthodontic Business Innovation 

Once in a while something comes along that is so disruptive to the market that the market changes.  Harvard Business Professor and best selling author Clayton Christensen calls this disruptive innovation.  While we may not make the Harvard Business review, Practice Wow is definitely a disruptive force in orthodontics.


Keep reading and you'll learn how you can consolidate, improve and save money.

For years orthodontists have been continually frustrated with the inability to get what they need in one place.  Countless hours are spent trying to chase down what you believe will be effective only to learn that the product or service was inadequate or not what was promised.


Practice Wow responds to that frustration by bringing together the best of coaching, marketing and technology to meet your needs.


Below you will find the details of how each of three components work together to make your practice operate at peak effectiveness.

  • Exceptional Intuitive Technology

    Ava links to your PMS to provide exceptional support to your team as Ava assists with new leads, new patients, online scheduling, pending patients and so much more...

  • World Class Coaching

    A coach matters.  If you've ever played a team sport, you know that the coach matters.

  • Effective Marketing

    It is not about getting views, clicks or even appointments - there is so much more.



By Dentma

Ava; Smart Technology that Works!

If you have every uttered these words in reference to technology, "why can't what I have just do that?" you would be among those that we know!  That is one of the most frustrating things to orthodontists, when technology is there, it's robust, it just stops short of what it should do.


You've no doubt heard of Ava, but in case you haven't let me introduce you. 


Ava is artificial intelligence that works as an assistant to your team, helping them assure that no prospect falls through the cracks.  Beyond that, Ava is multi-talented, working with your front desk, your treatment coordinators, as well as working with us to provide us access to the most vital parts of how we can help.


All of our packages include Ava.  Why?  She is just that valuable, we wouldn't want to try and do this without her!


Just a brief overview of what Ava does:

  • Leads pending patients to start (8% start rate on distant past pending patients, and that is the lowest start rate on our pending cycles)
  • Provides convenient on-line scheduling
  • Complete Virtual Consult customized to your practice
  • Integrates with your practice management system
  • Nurtures leads to make appointments
  • Provides appointment reminders/confirmations
  • Complete on-line new patient forms
  • Provides engagement opportunities increasing new patient show up rates
  • Contains and requests patients to complete satisfaction surveys
  • there is so much more and more on the horizon!

World Class Coaching

No two successful organizations are run the same.  If you have read any of the four best selling books by Jim Collins, or the best sellers from Stephen R. Covey, or the best sellers of John Maxwell, you understand that there are principles of effectiveness that are applied in successful organizations.  There is NO cookie cutter approach that just magically works for everyone.  


Believe it or not, the same holds true in orthodontics.  There is NO system you can plug in that will work for you just like it worked for someone else.


Yes, we can each learn from one another and apply with diligence what works for others, and may even have some success.  Largely, those who follow that path return to the hunt for another system that may produce better results - after all they did for Dr. XYZ!


The reason Travis has such a successful track record and private coaching clients that stay with him for years is because each practice is unique and has its unique strengths.  The reasons he has helped his clients make tens of millions while enjoying their personal life is because his clients understand and utilize those principles along with their unique strengths.


Travis's coaching style is unique and effective.  For those few who get to work with Travis personally and privately, there is a tight bond of trust and respect so that the doctor knows unequivocally that Travis has their best interest in mind and will relentlessly strive to achieve the Vision.



You understand you need to market but finding the right combination that works for you and your practice is no easy task.  Then when you do find something you want to do, you may wonder if what you are doing is actually getting any results!


So, you try and run your own Facebook campaign or publish your own Google Adwords campaign, just like the rest of your competitors.


You know there should be a better way, and indeed there is, but trying to find it and trust it - that's a different story!


We have taken the very best of what works in orthodontics and what works in other areas that use similar marketing, and creating a highly innovative and flexible approach to marketing that allows you to maximize your time and getting the absolute most of your marketing dollars.


With five different but highly flexible marketing packages - with no up front fees and no commitment (because it has to work), we have made the most complex marketing processes available to you at very reasonable rates.  The return will be very easy to see - we will point it out believe me!

WOW Packs

All Packages Include Ava

Full Website Development & Management


There is no reason this should cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.  Most websites are templates that the developers use over and over, which is why most sites look the same.


You want a website that actually converts visitors into patients.  That is how we construct websites - for conversion.


You can get a personalized website built for conversion for $997 and $169/month*.  With the Wow Packs, that also means that you get custom built landing pages inside your site, which helps your SEO.


If you want this option,  please let us know after you sign up for the Wow Pack that meets your needs.


*requires 2 year commitment

Lil'l Wow Pack


You want to dip your toe in the water to see if you like it.  This is the package for you!  Very affordable, this very flexible package will get you quick results using things that you want to try.


The Li'l Wow Pack allows you to choose any one of the internal or external items below at a time.

  • Ava comes with this package

    You get all of the power of Ava, helping your administrative team manage and communicate with your leads, new patients, pending patients and so much more.  You get the online scheduler and the virtual consult tool as well!

  • Marketing Options

    • 1 Facebook Campaign/month
    • 1 Google Adwords Campaign/month
    • Customized Ava campaigns

Wow Pack


Multiple marketing options and Ava combined to make this a robust package of proven ongoing services.  Requires only 3 starts a year to pay for itself.

  • Ava comes with this package

    You get all of the power of Ava, helping your administrative team manage and communicate with your leads, new patients, pending patients and so much more.  You get the online scheduler and the virtual consult tool as well!

  • Marketing options

    • Up to 2 Facebook Campaigns/month
    • Up to 2 Google Adword campaigns/month
    • Early Smiles Club Marketing
    • 1.5 Day Marketing Workshop ($500)
    • Review Generator
    • SEO for Map listings
    • Social Media Dashboard
  • Review Generator

    This is what it sounds like.  The review generator will help you generate reviews from your patients on Google, Facebook, Yelp and more.

  • Early Smiles Club

    Highly effective evergreen marketing program designed to engage parents of 7 year olds for an early consultation. 

    Watch the video below and click here for more information.

  • SEO for Local Listings

    It does you no good to be on the web if no one can find you!  Search Engine Optimization is needed so that you come up near the top on any searches.  With this application, you can optimize search engines for over 50 sites with one click.

  • Social Media Dashboard

    You understand the importance of keeping your social media site up to date.  Imagine what it would be like to have a platform where you can create one post and post it to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more with one click.  Oh, there is a library of posts that you can use too.

  • 1.5 Day Marketing Workshop

    We spend a half day teaching the most effective marketing working at that time, and then help you create a 12 month marketing plan along with many of the materials used.  We will work with you on the look and feel of graphic items and shoot all needed video to use in your marketing.  This is the most effective way to approach getting your materials the way you want them in a timely manor.

  • D-Band Videos

    It is magical when a patient sees their completed smile for the very first time.  These videos are where you capture that special moment and when run together make great marketing videos.

Chat Bot Marketing


The hottest marketing going right now in orthodontics is using chat bots.  The conversion rate is high and the marketing effective.  Engagement is what causes people to act and this marketing magnifies the engagement process, leading people through answering their common questions and eventually providing a way for them to get their first appointment.  Chat based marketing works.  Combine chat based marketing with Ava, the results are amazing and the staff time is nothing.


One time set up fee of $997.  Running the service is included in all of the Wow Packs above.


If you want to integrate chat marketing, just add it on at checkout.

Big Wow Pack


Best Value

This is a great package at a great price.  When you consider that you only need 5 starts a year at very conservative estimates to pay for itself, it is a great deal!


Big Wow Pack participants can have any 4 items from the internal/external lists below running at any one time.

  • Ava comes with this package

    You get all of the power of Ava, helping your administrative team manage and communicate with your leads, new patients, pending patients and so much more.  You get the online scheduler and the virtual consult tool as well!

  • Marketing options

    • Up to 3 Facebook Campaigns/month
    • Up to 3 Google Adword campaigns/month
    • Monthly D-band video
    • Early Smiles Club Marketing
    • 1.5 day Marketing Workshop ($250 in Boise)
    • Review Generator
    • SEO for Map listings
    • Social Media Dashboard

Wow Custom Marketing


This is the most carefree package you can imagine.  You travel to Boise for one of our Wow Marketing 1.5 day workshops where we review all the potential marketing options with you, then you work with 4 of your peers as we develop your marketing plan and start to develop your marketing materials right there.


When you finish we will have shot the needed videos, designed out a year's worth of marketing plans, gotten approval on all of the marketing layout and copy.  That's what makes this so easy for you.  When you fly home, you are done with what you need to do. Sure, there may need to be a tweak or two, but the heavy lifting is done.


We also take care of managing your social media sites, making regular posts for you as well as providing you the tools to make posting easy.


We take it from there.  We implement the plan as designed, monitor the results and send you the reports.  We are after results, so if what was planned isn't producing, we will shift to another approved plan in your design.

Wow Private Coaching

$2,000 onboard fee

$3,000/month for the first 6 months

$2,000/month thereafter

We have a highly unique style of coaching that is both effective and a great Value.


You start with Travis conducting you through a Vision Quest to establish clearly what you and your practice are all about.  Travis also learns a great deal about you and you form a bond over the course of the two day event in Orlando or Anaheim.


Following the creation of your Vision, Travis will visit your practice where you together will share the Vision with your team and begin the Vision Implementation process.


Specific goals and focal areas are determined and each week you and your team will receive an email containing your progress and an inspirational message.


Doctor and team leaders will meet virtually with Travis on a scheduled bases each month, and all team members have access to Travis virtually as needed.


Where systemic improvements are needed, Travis and his team will provide the needed training and follow up.


Bottom line, Travis is all about results and has a track record of helping his clients to the point where most stay with him for years even though there is no contract.


Watch the videos and you can set a time to visit personally with Travis to see if you are a good fit.

Wow Coaching/Marketing Combo Pack

$2,000 onboard fee

$4,497/month for 6 months

$3,497/month thereafter

Most Integrated, Great Value

Literally put the element of the Custom Marketing and Private Coaching packs together - you get it all for one great value.

Schedule a time to talk to Travis to be sure you are a great fit for this program, then let's make it happen!

Wow Mastermind


​*Pre-paid discounts available


This is a very exclusive and limited group of 25 top producers.  In addition to all of the benefits of private coaching and customized annual marketing, you also have monthly Mastermind live webinars and 2 live Mastermind events per year.  As stated, this is a limited group and anyone producing over 1M/year is eligible to apply.  All applicants are screened and then you'll talk personally to Travis.  The group will begin on the specified date or before as the group is assembled.

  • Ava comes with this package

    You get all of the power of Ava, helping your administrative team manage and communicate with your leads, new patients, pending patients and so much more.  You get the online scheduler and the virtual consult tool as well!

  • 2 Mastermind Events/year

    Once accepted, you will be invited to attend 2 events per year that are specifically designed for you and exclusive to this group.  These events will be in fantastic places and you will be treated to very exclusive opportunities for learning, growth and just plain excitement.  This is not a conference or a typical CE event.  These events are extraordinary.

  • Monthly Mastermind Webinars

    Each month we will schedule a webinar to catch up, discuss new topics and troubleshoot any problems you may have.  The greatest power of any Mastermind group is in the group itself.

  • Unrestricted Private Coaching & Customized Marketing

    Anything you need, we make it happen.

    • Unlimited site visits (travel additional)
    • Unlimited support and communication
    • Unlimited changes to your website or marketing
    • Unlimited Professional Appreciation CE Events (travel additional)

Find a plan that’s right for you.

Lil'l Wow



per month

  • Includes Ava

  • Digital Marketing Options

Wow Pack



per month

  • Includes Ava

  • Multiple Digital Options

    Social Media tools

Big Wow



per month

  • Includes Ava

  • 4 Marketing Elements

Private Coaching & Marketing

Custom Marketing


Completely customizable marketing plan and all your materials following the Marketing Bootcamp in Boise.

Wow Private Coaching


Highly unique private coaching for the doctor and practice including the very unique Vision Quest.

Combo & Mastermind

Combo Coaching/Marketing


This is by far the best deal we offer with private coaching and customized marketing.



This gives you everything we offer plus an opportunity to network with the best of the best.

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