Putting the WOW in your Practice

A WOW practice provides every opportunity for others to receive ideal treatment 

You and your team have a ton to do every single day just to keep up.  The rigors of operating a practice are significant and challenging.  From marketing plans and incoming calls to keeping up with outstanding treatment and preventive opportunities, there is so much to organize and so much to keep straight.  Oh, and you are the producer!

  • What would it be like to automate some of the daily processes that are necessary in your practice?
  • Consider what would happen if NO prospects or patients fell through the cracks in your practice?
  • Think of having an assistant that is always on time, always working and NEVER attitudy and very reasonable.
  • Imagine having a seasoned marketing team that pays for itself every single month.
  • How about providing quality on-line training for your entire team - FREE!
  • Would any or all of the above put more money in your pocket or provide you with more free time?

These are not just things to think about anymore!

A WOW Practice is...

An energized team providing exceptional service to help patients consistently receive ideal treatment.

  • Empowered

    An Empowered team understands not only what to do, but why.  They communicate with patients and patrons the value of appointments, the recommended treatment and recommended timeline.

  • Efficient

    Why would a doctor do the work of an assistant when others are waiting for their expertise?  They wouldn't.  Have your team members focus on people and allow technology to manage information - who can do not only do it better, but less expensively and without sick-days or attitude!

  • Effective

    An Effective team not only does the right things, but they also get the right results.  Saying the right words or doing the right things without attaining the desired result is frustrating at best and demoralizing to the team member and practice.

  • Energized

    People grow in confidence and self worth when they are consistently recognized as achieving at high levels.  With proper coaching and technology, that recognition and achievement can be self-determined and self-driven.  With the proper structure you can also establish external motivations.

3 Incredible and Quality Services for your Practice in 1 Place



An effective practice is a result of knowing what to do and doing it with excellence and consistency.  Every part of effectiveness is centered on The Patient Experience.  


Practice Wow is all about helping you and your team create a WoW Practice.  


Education through Practice Wow is free for you and your team, so get started now!



In today's advanced technological world, many functions that take team members hours to accomplish can be done automatically and in conjunction with your practice management software.  Check out Ava below.


Practice Wow creates, develops and maintains that technology so that your team can focus on the one thing in healthcare that machines cannot do, care.



In order for you to provide ideal treatment, you have to get patients to come to the practice and give you permission.  Each step along the way is an important component of marketing.  


Practice Wow has made it simple by providing you with the most effective marketing practices available in the industry at an exceptionally reasonable price and very reliable and transparent results. 

Travis A Frederickson

Head Coach

Best Selling Author, Coach & Speaker

"Bringing leadership to your practice will powerfully change every aspect of what you do and how you do it."

Brandon Janis

Technology Innovator

Founder of Dentma Technologies

"Making it easier for teams to be effective in their jobs"


As an effective orthodontist you have assistants helping you with every function in your office.  Ava is there to help the rest of your team!

  • Pending Patient Follow-up

    Ava will automatically reach out on behalf of your TC, engaging your pending patients and leading them to their next appointment.

  • New Patient/Lead Tracker

    Ava works with your new leads and new patients, guiding them toward making or keeping their appointment!

  • Case Presentation

    There are many aspects of case presentation that Ava can help you with from presenting financials to reminders to selecting a financial situation from home!

3 Services Effectively Integrated in 1 Location

We bring together the information and technology that allows you to maximize your effectiveness and minimize your cost.


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