Want a group of Loyal Prospects that Cost Less than $40 per Lead and START Treatment with you 95% of the Time?

This could literally make up your entire practice!

Travis A Frederickson

Dear Friends,


I realize that the headline could seem a little far fetched, but let me show you exactly what I mean.  


Before you get into the specifics, please understand this is not a theory.  I am going to share actual numbers and I know that you will immediately see the relevance for your practice.

Parents of Young Children Respond

If you have young children, you know that they are very demanding and time consuming.  They are a wonderful joy and blessing that require your attention and attention to their needs.


This segment of parents also make up a very conscientious consumer base when it comes to their kids. 


What you have to offer is of high value!


Couple that value with little to no cost, it is a no brainer!


Imagine with me what happens when you offer a conscientious parent an opportunity to professionally evaluate their child's smile at the optimal time in the child's life.  You go on to explain that by the parent's caring efforts, their kid could be spared the disappointment of not being eligible for treatment or added treatment time because they didn't catch the problem at the right time.


Imagine explaining the social difference in how kids are treated other kids when they wear braces at the earliest and best possible time versus waiting until the peer treatment can become cruel and consistent.  

Does a Potential Solution Become Appealing?

When presented properly, most parents who are your potential customers will find a way to help their child, it's just that most don't know why it's important or how to access the help they need.


As a board certified orthodontists, you are in a very special and unique group of people that are individually able to be helpful in the very things I discuss above.  You are uniquely qualified to determine the health of the smile.  I'm not telling you anything YOU don't know, but the public is not so informed.


Much of the public will wait on their dentist to tell them what to do.  Many will ask questions of their friends or dental staff, but they often don't know the best answer to the question and often what questions to ask.


A personal story to ponder...


My father passed away just over a year ago from when I am writing this.  For the last 30 years of his life, he battled a variety of healthcare concerns, most notably heart disease.  While I am a strong advocate of family practitioners and am grateful for the service they provide, I am certain that the only reason my father battled for more than 30 years is because of the specialized care he received from the Mayo Clinic.  We would NEVER consider placing the complicated variables associated with his heart conditions in the hands of a family practitioner.  


In orthodontics, you have to go directly to the market to help them understand that you are there, ready, available and willing to help in any way you can and you are the ONLY professional that is uniquely qualified to assess the situation properly.


Those that hear the message will respond.  

Who Responds and How Do You Know?

Parents of children between 6 - 9 years of age are the ones that are interested and respond.  This is not just a theory, 

  • The FB ad includes a button that takes the prospect to a landing page that is specific just for that target group and just one office.

  • In 5 months, we spent $1,549 on FB ads, approximately $310 per month.

  • In 5 months, 48 people ($32.28 per lead) have completed the registration form, downloaded a brochure and made an appointment.  

  • These prospects show up for their appointments, and 100% are back on the schedule for their next appointment.

How Do I Make This Happen in My Practice?

We know that 98% of the people who view and respond to the ads are women with children in the target age group.  We know the area in which they live, making it more likely that they will actually be good candidates.  This is the golden information that gives us such a great track record of an ad that actually works - and works consistently.


As important as the ad is in creating a lead, it is more important what happens in the practice when they show up for the very first time.


This starts long before they come in the door.  In fact, it starts much earlier than anyone imagines.


The prospect has to experience WOW every step along the way.  They have to be Wowed Before, During and After the appointment.  But that's not all. 


The most valuable part is yet to come - if you provide a Wow experience.


Because the overwhelming respondents to this campaign are women, they also happen to be more likely to be social.  As you provide an absolutely WOW experience, they will tell their friends and family and guess what - their friends and family have kids in the target age as well.  There is great power here.

The Process is Called, The Early Smiles Club

  • Complete Video-based Training Package with Lessons for The Team